Stream box

Stream box is coming again!

Again this year there are streamers and gamer-tubers in our stream box. You can come to meet them and chat with them and maybe if you are lucky, to play with them. This year we have for example Eeddspeaks, Tuho Torvinen, HAVU Stream team and Turunmarkku in the box. Check all the stars below.

Stars of the stream box:


Eeddspeaks Grail Quest 2018
Pic: Aino Sippola


Eetu or eeddspeaks and eeddplays has been producing content for Youtube and Twitch for a long time. He makes diary vlogs as well as video games with smirk in his face. The audience has experienced many funny moments in Twitch in the games like Fortnite and CS:GO. His followers also get involved with games and that will make eeddspeaks one of the easiest approachable streamer in the whole country. Come on Grail Quest to see eedspeaks and to see how he plays in live.


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Tuho Torvinen

Tuho Torvinen Grail Quest 2018
Pic: Aino Sippola


"If ya need a good man, 'ere ya got one!" Ville "Tuho" Torvinen is a former wrestling champion, Managing Director and all-around-jack. With his engaging and energetinc hosting style in last years Grail Quest, he won the audience to his side. Whether it is a live show, a stream, a role in a movie or even a child's entertaining moment - here's the man for a job! With his weekly stream, Tuho makes a steady trace, but a big breakthrough is still expected. So take over Tuho's media and come and come to say hi in live as well:

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Kuva: Aino Sippola
Pic: Aino Sippola

Jusa, better known as TurunMarkku is a streamer from Turku, whose content does not leave anyone out in the cold. With a strong cultural capital's dialect Markku's broadcasts have been watched on Twitch for over 2 million times. Music, goofy humor and a sense of community can be considered as the sacred trinity of the stream. As far as games come in, this man is omnivorous, so it's easy for new viewers to find content of interest to themselves.

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HAVU Stream Team

There are at least Nurmion and Jassimiu from HAVU Stream Team in the box. HAVU Stream Team's purpose is to lift up more finnish streamers and also create interesting content to audience and brands.


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Havu Gaming 



Aino "aippa" Lehtimäki is a streamer from Tampere whose broadcasts most important role is communicating with the audience. She has streaming experience for over three years. Played games will vary, and viewers will be included in the games as much as possible. Aippa is truly warm streamer and you can sense it from her IRL streams. She talks ordinary things than human beings. Welcome to Grail to say hi.

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